What I Can Offer

Whether you have performance anxiety, are preparing for an audition or role, working as a session singer or in a band, lessons with me are fast-paced or reflective, innovative or traditional; my singer and their needs are front and centre of the way in which I work.

An expert with over 20 years performing and teaching experiences, I work with professional and aspiring professional artists in Musical Theatre, Contemporary Commercial Music (Pop) and Classical Genres.  Specialising in Crossover artists, I work in a multidisciplinary way, using Bel Canto, Dalcroze, Estill, SLS, Accent Methods and Alexander Techniques within my teaching.  I also ensure my education and practice is up to date, working with leading voice pedagogues worldwide to keep my own understanding and practice current. I am very client-centred in my approach, paying full attention to my clients’ aims and ambitions and moulding those into a framework for optimum progress. My own innovative, unique and fun teaching style combining with the vast knowledge of a wide variety of established methodologies, ensures that maximum progress is made in minimum time.   Lessons with me are grounded in technique, informative and fun.  If you are a professional or an aspiring performer and want to learn how to give 100% in your performances but not at the expense of a healthy, trained voice, then get in touch.


I understand that the voice is a sum of its component parts and that when one is out of balance, it can affect the voice adversely. Having exemplary knowledge of the voice, its anatomy and the ways to avoid vocal abuse and misuse are key factors crucial to great tuition.   I have high expectations of my teaching and will always strive with singers to achieve their best in a supportive and friendly environment.  My professional approach, my extensive connections in the industry and my knowledge of what it takes to achieve, are valuable tools in my role as your teacher and coach.

For the last five years, I have worked as Head of Voice for the Royal Marines Band Service, working on their many performances throughout the year. I have most recently conducted the Royal Marines Choir and prepared soloists for concerts in the Royal Albert Hall.  My role involves working with young singers, taking them from their arrival at the School of Music, onto being a professional Singer in the Band Service.   In addition, I am also an Artistic Director for Luminosa Music, a consortium of four choirs, ranging from a professional chamber choir, an 80 strong adult choir and two youth choirs. 


Lessons with me are awe-inspiring, life affirming, challenging and fun. I work in a multidisciplinary way, using a combination of Accent Method, Estill, SLS, Bel Canto and Alexander Techniques within my teaching.  I also ensure my education and practice is up to date, working with leading voice pedagogues in all styles worldwide in order to keep my own understanding and practice current.  I am always client-centred in my approach, and will work with your to achieve your aims and ambitions, drawing on my knowledge and experience to do so.

Additional Information

Lessons cost £55 for 55 minute sessions. This fee also includes access to my extensive and unique wealth of online resources, complied personally for each singer. At your first consultation lesson, I will take a history of your vocal experiences and we will discuss your aims and ambitions for your voice.  Included in each consultation will be a vocal plan, explaining what we could do were we to work together in order to get your voice to the next level.  I teach in dedicated studio space equipped with state-of-the-art resources, as well as a Grand Piano, and a huge variety of teaching aids to help you get the most out of your voice.