"I have a lot to thank Rebekah for, and I can honestly say from having many teachers over the years, she is one of a kind! My main compliment towards Rebekah is how positive and caring she is, she breeds energy and excitement in all that she does! she really cares about her students and will bring out the best in you.I went to her having some performance anxiety problems and she has taken the time to break down those barriers when other teachers would have given up! "


"In just six months of lessons my voice has really opened up and bad habits that I'd picked up over time have been recognised and solutions provided. Rebekah also continues to learn and develop her own skills as a teacher so you know you are being trained by someone at the forefront of vocal coaching.


"I have learnt so much from her in a short space of time, and her knowledge and experience in singing and performing is endless. Not only does she have many different teaching styles to suit everyone, she is very good at quickly gauging what methods will be best for you I am a visual learner, so she has spent a lot of time doing diagrams and charts to help understand not only how to produce certain sounds but also the biology behind why my voice works as it does.


"Rebekah is the best vocal coach I have worked with. Her thorough knowledge of all aspects of the voice, alongside her ability to teach multiple genres is invaluable. She consistently challenges me to push myself, which has enabled me to exceed all expectations and renewed my confidence. "

Sam MC

"She was able to dial in incredibly quickly on issues I was having and work with me to correct those using a huge library of studies  and resources she has amassed.


"I cannot recommend Rebekah as a singing teacher enough, she is encouraging, inspirational and totally supportive.  Her lessons are challenging and hard work, but always fun and full of laughter. 


"A truly inspirational teacher who tailors all lessons to your personal needs.